Rules of success

Do you have your list of rules how to reach success and how to stay successful? Let Arnold Schwarzenegger inspire you.

1. Discover your vision, the rest will follow

– do you know how to discover own vision? Use couching methods to find it out.

2. Never ever think small, think big

– is your target measurable and reachable? Set your goals and use GROW and SMART/ER methods.  

3. Ignore the Naysayers

–  be always surrounded by supportive people as much as is possible. Never ever listen to those who betray you from your vision.  

4. Work your ass off

– no pain, no gain. To fulfill your vision, you need to work, work, work hard.

5. Don´t just take, give back

– if you are successful, share success with others, give advices, help to the others to reach their success.

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